Diving in Mexico

12-26 March 2018

A 14-day adventure to the land of the Mayans, beneath the surface of the Caribbean, in the middle of the unique Cenotes and with famous Mexican cuisine.


Directly ‘below the window’ of our apartment is the second longest coral reef in the world, which stretches from Cancun to the Honduras and is home to hundreds of species of fish and marine life. On three coral levels ranging in depth from 10 to 40 m, divers can encounter large schools of smaller fish species, typical Caribbean coral fish, rays, turtles, barracuda, grouper and sometimes even a shark. All of the diving sites can be reached within 10-40 min. by boat. Most of the dives can be made as drift dives, during which we let the gentle current carry us and just observe the colourful life around us. At the end of the dive, the boat picks us up and takes us back to port. Water temperatures are 26-28 °C.

A great attraction is the nearby island of  Cozumel, which is known for its deeper walls, excellent visibility, enormous schools of larger and smaller fish species, turtles, rays, groupers, moray eels, lobsters and several species of reef sharks.


But the greatest experience is diving in the mystical  Cenotes. These flooded cave systems hidden in the tropical jungle with nearly unlimited visibility (up to 100 m!), drenched by rays from the sun and featuring stunning stalactites, are not found anywhere else in the world! Our dives in the Cenotes will be shallow ‘cavern’ dives, i.e. we do not penetrate the caves but dive in the caverns with daylight; hence, these are also suitable for divers with OWD certification.

Non-divers can participate as snorkelers on virtually all of our activities.


Adventure trips:

As it would take an entire book to describe the numerous fantastic natural and mystical sites on the peninsula, we offer only the following selection close to the accommodation:

Xcaret Park presents the true wealth of Mexico. Mayan culture, flora and fauna, archaeological sites, water activities as well as an opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of swimming with dolphins. Rio Secreto is a breath-taking experience along two of the largest underwater rivers in the world, featuring crystal clear water and colourful stalactites. The evening ‘Xcaret Mexico Espectacular’ performance is undoubtedly the best folklore show in Mexico and one of the most highly regarded in the world. There are so many amazing places in Xcaret it’s difficult to decide where to start. It is truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

Xel-Há – Located at the mouth of Rio Secreto is the largest natural ‘aquarium’ in the world. It is situated in sea coves, lagoons, and cenotes. You can admire a wide array of colourful coral fish, mangroves, bizarre petrified formations or set off on a journey into the jungle. Swim with dolphins, dugongs, sea lions and rays in sea coves. Tame and trained Ara parrots will also charm you while also talking your ear off.


Mayan history:

The Yucatan has dozens of historical sites. During a visit to ancient Mayan temples preserved in the middle of the wild jungle you will breathe in the hot and damp air, walk over centuries-old trails and climb steep steps to the top of pyramids. All this will connect you with old Mayan civilisation, which seems to be sleeping on the stones in the rain forest, waiting for a good time rise again from the ancient depths of time. 

Cobá in Mayan means ‘troubled waters’, which probably refers to the five surrounding lakes or cenotes: Cobá, Macanxoc, Sacalpuc, Yaxlaguna and Xcanh.

Chichén Itzá is the best-known and most famous Mayan archaeology site; it ranks among the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ and is located in the central part of the northern Yucatan, about a two-hour drive from Cancun.

Tulum is the only Mayan city built directly on the seashore. The city is one of the few to be fortified with a massive stone wall, apparently for defensive purposes.



Villas del Mar – the large, two-floor private apartment (c. 360 m2) in the quiet town of Puerto Aventuras is luxuriously furnished and offers a view of the sea. Each room has a storage space or a closet, toilet and its own terrace. Guests share a large and fully equipped kitchen with a dining room and a large living room with a television. The common terrace is equipped with a grill and a whirlpool. The facility also includes two freshwater pools, a lighted tennis court and a private beach with lounge chairs. The complex is situated in a magnificent bay.



For divers – USD 1,550

The price includes: 14 days accommodation in the Villas del Mar luxury complex, 4 cavern dives in cenotes (includes transport), 2 dives in the sea, private Jacuzzi, tennis court, private beach, lounge chair rental, transport to airport, Czech guide

Non-divers – USD 1,220

The price includes: 14 days accommodation in the Villas del Mar luxury complex, private Jacuzzi, tennis court, private beach, lounge chair rental, transport to airport, Czech guide

The price does not include: Airfare (depending on airport, prices range from CZK 21,000 to CZK 24,000 from Prague, c. CZK 15,000 from Munich), food and beverages, transfers to dive sites (away from accommodation), insurance, trips.

Important information:

Guests can prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen. A grill is available on the terrace. A simple buffet located in the immediate vicinity of the apartment offers two warm dishes and soup for c. MXN 20 (c. CZK 100).   Prices for meals in better restaurants (around ten in the immediate vicinity of the apartment) are about CZK 250. Food prices in supermarkets are the same as in the CR.

Extra dives can be purchased at the site for c. USD 80-90 (double dive) We recommend bringing a surface marker buoy and a lamp.

Trip prices range from USD 60 to USD 100 for full-day admission to parks and Mayan heritage sites.

We recommend taking advantage of the possibility to hire a car, as this allows you to save money on transfers and the prices of trips, which also include transport. Car hires start at around USD 50/day, depending on the size of the vehicle.


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