Weekend diving trips

Senec Lake in Slovakia, Leštinka, Svobodné Heřmanice and Blansko quarries, Donbas sandpit and mountain lakes in Austria

  • Diving at nearby sites which, with the certainty of a professional guide, you will discover and enjoy in a different way
  • You can borrow any pieces of gear you are missing 
  • One-day trips allow you to fulfil another level of your diving training
  • Take a friend or family member along
  • Local sites or shorter trips to those slightly further away with accommodation for 1-2 nights and non-diving activity opportunities (depending on the type of location).
  • Ideal for weekend family trips.
  • Possibility to increase diving qualifications
  • Non-divers can take a test dive at a discounted price

Leštinka - quarry

A traditional location near the town of Skuteč for beginners and more advanced divers. A smaller quarry with clean water and good diving facilities, even in the case of unfavourable weather.

Accommodation  is available in cottages, so bring your sleeping bags and slippers. You can cook meals in the cottage, or visit the restaurant for simple food and beer. In the evening we grill, watch films or relax in the sauna. We offer the following programs at this site: Discover (introduction to diving), OWD and AOWD on open water, and Rescue courses. Price CZK 240/person/night, diving day CZK 100/person.

Leštinka never disappoints.

Check out our photos Leštinka


Diving in quarries in the Jeseníky Mts. (Rampa, Vycpálek, Vaněk) with the possibility to use the indoor pool in Česká Ves (in the case of bad weather or repeating/training diving skills) and relax at the Priessnitz Spa in Jeseník and Lipová Spa. Hiking, cycling (excursion to the Dlouhá stráně pumped storage hydropower plant), the Na pomezí and Na špičáku caves.

Accommodation in fully furnished brick cottages with separate kitchen, 5 bedrooms and outdoor pool with fireplace for up to 12 people. Price: CZK 150-300/person/night. Meals can be arranged.

Senec Lake

Diving at the ‘Sunny Lake’ sandpit 20 km north of Bratislava in pure water with rich underwater life and a wide variety of diving activities offered by this recreational mega-centre near the Slovak capital. An ideal site for beginners and more advanced divers.

Accommodation in a pension or private apartment, rooms for 2-4 persons, bathroom, common kitchen. Meals can be arranged. Price: EUR 10-15/person/night.

Check out our photos Senec 2015 and Senec 2016


The mountain lakes with clear water will satisfy even the most demanding divers. A relatively close location near the Dachstein mountain range, with accommodation available in Alpine pensions. Diving at most places is unrestricted, but permits must be purchased at the site. The season is virtually year-round. Suitable for dry suit diving.

Transport on your own (with possibility of catching a ride with another participant). Accommodation prices: c. EUR 25-35, breakfast included 

Check out our photos Attersee


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